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In most cases, women are at a higher risk of experiencing alcohol-related domestic violence from male partners. Unfortunately, feeling aggressive from alcohol can stem from more than one variable that’s beyond your control. Aside from existing anger issues, people can turn into aggressors when drinking for several reasons. Because alcohol is a psychoactive drug, it temporarily alters your mood, perception and feelings.

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When a person struggles with both alcohol addiction and anger management problems, the issues exacerbate each other. Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is one of the leading causes of the global burden of disease and injury (WHO), despite the continuous discovery of novel pharmacotherapeutic agents (Pakri Mohamed et al., 2018). Various factors such as environmental, social, situational, and cultural context have distinctive consequences toward substance use and its effects on individuals (Latkin et al., 2017).

Links between Anger, Aggression, and Alcohol Addiction

We often think of the liver, stomach, and how alcohol damages our overall physical health. But the brain is deeply (and immediately)  impacted by heavy alcohol use as well. In fact, it’s the relationship alcohol shares with the brain alcoholism anger that often causes people to experience things like rage and irritability while drinking. Males are more likely to express aggression in a physical and/or direct form, whereas females are more likely to express it in an indirect form.

Clean comic Jeff Allen once battled alcohol, cocaine – Tennessean

Clean comic Jeff Allen once battled alcohol, cocaine.

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A lack of impulse control can make a person unable to resist the sudden, forceful urge to fly into a rage or act aggressively. Adults cannot always respond instantly when babies cry, and that’s life. But should ignoring crying babies be a governing principle in a business where their sole function is to take care of babies and children?

What Causes Alcohol-Related Anger and Aggression?

Similarly, in nearly 40% of violent incidents, surveyed individuals from the United Kingdom said they believed their perpetrator was under the influence of alcohol. While drinking alcohol isn’t the sole reason for assault, it plays a substantial role in whether someone commits a violent crime. Furthermore, alcohol can make you focus too much on specific words or behaviors from other people. If you see someone cut in front of you in line for the bathroom at a bar or concert, you may react aggressively when you otherwise wouldn’t mind. When drinking, it becomes increasingly challenging to interpret information logically.

The treatment should target both the person’s mental health and substance use disorder as two parts of a whole. Sometimes, drinking alcohol can cause people to become an “angry drunk”. If your behavior fits the description of an angry drunk, it may be difficult to admit you behaved that way under the influence. Many people whose behavior changes drastically with drinking have a hard time believing it when they’re sober. But the best choice for you and the people around you is to enter treatment and work to become a better person.

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